Do you know someone who suffers?

Can't Remember

As we age, we all lose some form of memory, but not debilitating.    

Can't sit still?

It may be your son or daughter, nephew or neighbor.  It is hard on the child and their care-givers.  The biggest treatment is drugs.  That's not correcting anything.  

Can't Concentrate

Imagine sitting in school all day and not able to focus on what the teacher is even saying or doing.  

The answer may be close!

The Brain Coach Institute has a 5 DAY treatment program that brings permanent results.  

Traumas add up

It has many names, but it is all the same.  There has been injury.  Forgetful, headaches, dizziness are just some of the symptoms.

Unable to function

What used to be simple daily tasks, suddenly are harder.  You can't remember simple steps.

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